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After my philosophical studies at the University of Venice, Italy, I began my career as a publicist and journalist in the sports field, and then as a financial consultant. The passion for astrology has always accompanied me, as well as the urgency to apply it profitably to the areas of financial investments and sports betting. During my internship at the MMTA – Merriman Market Timing Academy, I learned, among other precious things, that a comparison between astrology and statistical sciences can be positively established. I have also published Bet and win on soccer with midpoints: A breakthrough in sports astrology and football predictions (updated and revised 2nd edition).

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A midpoint is a mathematical point halfway between two stellar bodies that tells an interpretative picture for the individual. There are two types of midpoints: direct and indirect. A direct midpoint occurs when a stellar body makes an aspect to the midpoint of two other stellar bodies, with an actual physical body at the halfway point. In other words, a direct midpoint means that there is actually a stellar body in the natal chart lying in the midpoint of two other stellar bodies. An indirect midpoint occurs when a stellar body makes an aspect to the midpoint of two other stellar bodies without a physical body at this midpoint (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia).

The premise of any midpoint interpretation is this: “A planet located equidistant from two other planets (i.e. midpoint between two planets) has a relationship to both planets.” (Ebertin, Reinhold, The Combination of Stellar Influences, American Fed. of Astrologers, 2004). In practice we also include the Angles (Ascendant and Midheaven) in midpoint interpretation, in addition to planets.

Mercury = Sun / Uranus

Standard Midpoint Notation: Above Equation Reads “Mercury equals Sun Uranus”, which means Mercury makes a hard aspect to the midpoint of Sun and Uranus.

Steve Jobs Natal Midpoints. This striking midpoint is Mercury to Sun-Uranus. Mercury represents the mind and communication while Sun-Uranus stands for leadership and a progressive person. This combo reflects a fast versatile thinker who surpasses his peers, a genius. "Presence of mind, quick and prudent acting, sudden flashes of cognition. A young reformer, making arrangements" (Ebertin, Reinhold, The Combination of Stellar Influences, American Fed. of Astrologers, 2004).

In short, midpoints are a way to connect individual horoscope components that appear separate. The corresponding equation describes in summary how the focal point relates - blending and coloring together - to the other two planets or factors. In the analysis of each possible combination of all midpoints in the horoscope, there is no need to distinguish between the different types of aspects. Whether it is conjunction (0), square (90), or opposition (180), in the midpoint perspective they are all equal, similarly capable of producing tension between the factors - or points - involved. "Over the years I have come to the conclusion that all angles divisible by 45° can be considered of virtually equal value", says Ebertin, who properly considers the tension caused by disharmonies as a vital component of the horoscope, since the excitement makes us sufficiently agitated and motivated to do something. Midpoints illustrate this tension, thus having a visible potential impact on the astral chart of a sports event. There’s no question that, without a real motivation, competitions would lose dynamism and interest.

Another great advantage of midpoints is to be able to use what Ebertin considers the individual points of a horoscope, the Angles, Ascendant (AS) and Midheaven (MC), respectively the degree that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the specific time and location of an event (the start of the match in our case) and the culmination corresponding to the highest point at which the local meridian intersects with the ecliptic. "These are known as the individual points because they move about one degree in four minutes" (Ebertin, Reinhold, The Combination of Stellar Influences, American Fed. of Astrologers, 2004).

This way, it is also possible to successfully interpret astral charts of matches taking place at the same time, as these sensitive points differ in degrees depending on location. Thanks to a narrow orbit of one and a half degree (1.5), we are thus able to solve the flaw of most of the predictive methods, which ultimately prove useless in the case of simultaneous events.

“We live and move on the horizontal plane", writes Ebertin, "and in a way the individual's Ascendant can be seen as the point of contact with other people”, in a close relationship with the surrounding environment (stadium, crowd, mass media, territorial supremacy). Midheaven, on the other hand, can be linked to "inner ambitions and will to make decisions", as a full and independent self-fulfillment (success, goal, score).

Therefore, with a view to demonstrating any possible correspondence regarding the ability of both teams to score a greater or lesser number of goals, we will use midpoint combinations having as factor at least one of the two individual points (ASC and MC).


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